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Estuary Space

helping people navigate through the nuances of human sexuality and the Christian faith


es·tu·ar·y, noun—a habitation where the fresh water river and the ocean meet. A place not defined by binaries, i.e. saline vs fresh, but rather by transition, variation and beauty. It is a place that is teeming with life.

My first encounter with an estuary was when I was hiking down a river trail in Kauai. There was a body of water the river emptied into before it met the ocean. There was a sign explaining that an estuary was a place that was biodiverse. In this space, there were fresh water fish that were transitioning to become salt water fish. It was the first time I had ever heard anything outside of the salt water/fresh water binary of aquatic life. I discovered that even in creation, there exist a safe space for life to transition into something else. Estuary Space helps people and churches move through the process of change by being

     - a triage for those who are hurting and looking for answers

     - a friend who will offer a safe space to listen

     - a networker that will help introduce you to the right people and organizations

We offer free pastoral care through video conferencing, phone calls, emails, and when possible, face to face conversations. 


           —Danny Cortez


For individuals

Many people raised in Christian communities have been taught that anything outside of the traditional belief of human sexuality should be shunned. As a result it is often difficult to even question one’s orientation or gender identity. If you use the word “struggle” to explain your orientation or identity, Estuary Space is here to help you process these spiritual, social and mental roadblocks in a way that enhances faithfulness to God.

For church leaders

What does the Bible say? How do you stay faithful to the teachings of Scripture? How do you lead a church to become a loving and inclusive space? This is a major time of transition for churches and ministries. It is important that pastors and leaders not only study the scriptures, but listen to the LGBTQ voices that are being impacted by the church’s teachings. It is only when we see how our theology plays out in real life that we understand what incarnational love looks like. Since love is the fulfillment of God’s word, love is how we determine whether we are being faithful to God or not.

For parents

Your child will always remember your reaction the day they came out to you. They will remember how you loved them or didn’t love them. The most important thing parents can do is to listen and to understand. To speak less, to learn more. To be aware of how we communicate not only in words but in non verbals. Often times parents have no one to talk to and lack resources on how to parent their LGBTQ child. Estuary Space provides support for parents regardless of where they are at in their journey.

“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther

Same Sex Female Couple

Contact Estuary Space

562-688-1106 (USA)

Mailing Address:

Estuary Space

PO Box 402

La Mirada, CA 90637

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Support Estuary Space

Estuary Space is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. All gifts are tax deductible. All online or phone counseling and consultation is offered free of charge due to generous contributions from it’s donors. 

Checks can be mailed to: Estuary Space, PO Box 402, La Mirada, CA 90637 USA or you can donate online below.

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